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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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Certified Real Estate Appraisals provides residential real estate appraisal services for any need, reason or client. While most of our clients are banks, management companies, mortgage companies and attorneys, we provide residential appraisal solutions for any reason or client.

Appraisals for single family dwellings, multi family dwellings, vacant lots and land, FHA, town homes, condominiums, and mobile homes are some of the subjects we specialize in.

We offer appraisals for mortgage financing, private mortgage insurance removal, estate planning, investor consultations, portfolios, wills, feasibility studies, attorneys, divorce proceedings, capital gains, buyers and sellers, tax appeals, accountants, Realtors, insurance companies, public agencies, foreclosures and IRS purposes, as well as the review of other appraisals.

Please see our special section on tax assessment appeals.

Competitive pricing, high quality comprehensive reports with short turn-a-round time and a friendly, knowledgeable staff is what separates Certified Real Estate Appraisals from other appraisal firms. Please give us a call for all of your residential real estate appraisal needs.


The most important aspect in marketing a property is to properly price it. A professional appraisal will provide an in-depth analysis of the property and the surrounding market allowing the seller to maximize their return. Over-pricing the property will cause the property to sit on the market for an extended length of time, thereby increasing expenses. Conversely, under-pricing a property will minimize gains to the seller.

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Knowing what a prospective purchase is really worth is a bargaining tool which could save time and considerable money. A professional appraisal will provide a clear picture of the marketing conditions in the immediate and general areas surrounding the subject.

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Eugene D. Rosky, Jr. has over 20 years experience in the valuation of residential real estate. He is a Pennsylvania State Certified Residential Appraiser and a Certified Pennsylvania Evaluator, as well as being FHA certified.

We are on the cutting edge of technology being completely digitized. Most appraisals are sent via EDI thereby saving the client mailing time and money. We will also make every effort to accommodate rush requests. Please call for coverage areas, competitive fees and rapid turn-a-round times.

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Certified Real Estate Appraisals specializes in the valuation of residential real estate for tax assessment appeals. Are you paying more than your fair share of real estate taxes? Because tax assessments are very difficult to understand the best way to dispute an assessment may be to get a professional appraisal done by a certified appraiser. When filing an appeal to the Board of assessment Appeals, understand that an assessment could increase as a result of the appeal. A thorough preliminary evaluation and consultation with an expert could alleviate a chance of an increase in real estate taxes.

Eugene D. Rosky, Jr. has extensive experience in the valuation of real estate for ad valorem tax purposes in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. He possesses the same state certification as the county assessors and can provide a comprehensive assessment analysis on any residential property.

The appraiser is completely independent in the valuing of your home. The appraisal is done on a flat fee basis and not a portion of any tax monies saved. Remember than any money saved is repeated every year thereafter and the savings will increase each time the millage rate is increased. Please give us a call with your questions or to schedule your assessment evaluation consultation.

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Estate appraisals are another specialty report provided by Certified Real Estate Appraisals. The property should be appraised to establish a value to settle the estate and / or to determine a sale amount. There are typically many family viewpoints on the value of a property. The fair way is to get an independent professional appraisal to establish the value. Please give us a call for all of your estate planning, valuation and issues.

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